This is Her Story | Canon FTb + Fuji C200

Camera used: Canon FTb

Film used: Fuji C200

This is Her Story is a start of a conceptual series on making a Film Journal of people we encounter in our journey.

We started with Maidi, Gab's special friend– he started the film journey alongside her. Gab sat her down and talked to her about travel, life, and things she loves in a free flowing conversation and this is what turned out. 

Before anything, Gab's a story teller– he grew up fascinating himself with his own made up stories in bed at night until his stories become narration of seamless intertwinements with his dreams. He went on to touch music with stories, then films, photos, painting, and performance arts. This series is another piece right off the heart of Thirty Five Studio, Gab and Derald's rad dynamic. We are only slowly opening up our world, and we hope to take you with us.

We will play around with this format, different ideas, topics, and people to introduce to you guys. We loved this a lot, and will keep doing them. One day we might come across you, and you'll end up in this series. That's it for now, see you on the next one!