Panoramic Film Camera | Minolta P's + Fujicolor C200

Camera used: Minolta P's

Film used: Fujicolor C200

This week is one of the most celebrated (and maybe 2nd longest) holiday in the Philippines. This week is the Holy Week. During this holiday, the majority of families in Manila go out to the provinces for either worship practices or for vacation (sometimes both). It's rare to have the streets of Metro Manila with very little to no traffic.

Timely enough, I also got hold of a new point and shoot camera - the Minolta P's. It's a pseudo-panoramic 35mm camera. There is a mask in the body of the camera where it crops out the top and bottom of the frame to make it look panoramic. I thought that this could be the perfect camera to show the traffic-less Manila. 

And here are all the photos:


What do you think of the photos? To be honest, I'm not 100% impressed with the image quality. But online, I saw some very stunning photos taken with this camera. So if given the chance, I might still use this in the future to have another look at it.

That's our video for the week. See you in the next!