Nikonos V - Underwater 35mm FILM CAMERA

Camera used: Nikonos V + 35mm f2.5 lens

Film used: Kodak Ultramax 400 (metered at iso 200)

It was another beautiful Philippine summer. My friends and I headed to the beach but then suddenly the weather turned for the worse. 

I brought along with me my favorite underwater camera - the Nikonos V. I planned on using this in a dive spot near the resort we were staying at. I was actually planning on taking purely underwater photos on the entire roll of Ultramax 400, but unfortunately, it was really cloudy. The lack of useable sunlight prevented me from taking photos at smaller aperture openings. Most of the underwater shots I took were shot at f2.5 hence the depth of field was really shallow. This is something I did want since this camera is a zone focus camera. It's really difficult to zone focus underwater especially at such an open aperture. So I then decided to shoot some land and portrait photos instead. 

Here are all the shots from the roll: 

This was actually my second time using this camera on both underwater and land and I was really happy with the results. I loved the sharpness of the photos! I also loved the warm color provided by the Ultramax400 and to be honest, this might be my new favorite iso400 film to be followed by the Fuji Xtra 400. 

There you have it, a quick look at my recent beach trip. Lookin forward to the next!