iPhone vs Diposable Camera Round 2!! Fuji Disposable Camera vs Huji App!

Round 2


First one got hundreds of rematch comment, so we did it again, with another mobile application, copying yet another disposable camera (Fuji)! Also, the Part 1 went viral, so.. lol! 

This time the app is HUJI. There are slight difference in filters/effects with the previous app (gudak) at this point it's just a matter of taste, but the other technical differences are 1) it doesn't have the waiting time for "film development" and 2) it's free! Gudak charges 1-2 USD, 60 ish PHP.

So, who won? You judge! Let us know whatcha think. Either way, it seems that based on the outputs, we're getting a better feel of light and shadow use in photographs. Just a progress update hehe.

Peace, love, and film!