Indoor Film Photography! | Canon FTb + Fuji Superia XTRA 400



NUDE. not really. ish. lol.

This so far is our favorite! Our first indoor, so we got to play with the camera setups more and we didn't have to walk too far under the bully Manila sun! We used the Canon FTb, our favorite at the moment, loaded it up with Superia XTRA 400 film. This journey just gets better and better, this film photography life keeps putting you in situations of growth in the craft. In this video i feel we have come a long way since the very first video. Our pictures more composed, more comfortable with the medium, and it shows in the outputs.

This has been demonitized by YouTube due to "sexual content" *rolls eyes* but it's cool, we do it for the love! Superia XTRA 400 did not disappoint, how'd you think it faired in this video? Get one and try it fam, see ya's!!