🇹🇼Images from a TOY CAMERA | Diana F+ & Lomo Film

Camera used: Diana F+

Film used: Lomography CN400 120 (expired 2010) & CN800

Holy moly food trip here is good lol.

Anyhow, this is our first time using a toy camera, and my (Gab) first loading 120 film lol! All the other medium formats we've used in the channel, I've always been the one recording, and Derald loading it, so when I took out the 120 film for this, that's the only time i realized, shoot, I haven't done this before, here goes nothing!

Didn't bring the other tools for more lomo effects– didn't even use the flash, so it's probably not the best in terms of a complete experience, but the basic facet of it was fully used. Did a few double exposures and long exposures too. Love it! Easy to use, easy to bring around, weighs like a paper haha. My girlfriend Maidi shot most the shots and it's her first time and I was impressed with the shots. Really friendly for beginners, and fun for people like me who just like testing out different stuff and experimenting. 

Pretty boring blog writing, I'd say.. so let me just end it by saying that the coolest thing I got from this are the memories and vibes that made the moment, and made by the moment. As fun as it is, I don't think it's worth the 120 film and developing to use it on a regular. It would take a while for me to use this again, but damn well an experience I won't be forgetting. Peace!!