Exploring Manila (Quiapo) Street Photography | Canonet 28 + Agfa Vista 400

Camera Used: Canonet 28

Film Used: Agfa Vista 400

A few weeks ago, Gab's main camera - a Canon FTb SLR broke down. The winding mechanism got stuck. So we went to Quiapo, Manila. This is already an iconic place in Manila where you could really see various old architecture, flea markets, and the infamous Hidalgo Street which is already considered a mecca of photography for both film and digital. We went to Dad's Camera Service where we met Mang Dado. He's a camera technician for almost 30 years now. We left the camera with and he told us to come back in an hour as he repairs the FTb.

We decided to go on a quick a photo walk around the area and to a street photography style shoot. This is our first time doing street photography so most shots are pretty average. But overall, the experience was great. Watch our video above to see more!

Here are all the 35 shots we took: (No edit or color correction done. All photos are straight scans from the lab.)


Video gear used:
Camera: Canon DLSR
Lens: 28mm Lens
Microphone: Rode Mic