­čç╣­čç╝A Roll of Film in Taiwan | Canon FTb + Kodak ColorPlus 200

Camera used: Canon FTb

Film used: Kodak ColorPlus 200

Exploring Taiwan has been great in the most complex ways for me thus far in my film photography life. Although it isn't too new to me, considering i've been to a bunch of similar Asian countries before, it has been a significant ton of firsts for me.

Coming into the preparations for this trip, I thought about trying out 60fps, something i've never played with before. So I did a bunch of tests in my room, jumping around, acting a fool with my cat. He (my cat) approved that I can try it out in Taiwan (used it mostly in the next video coming next week!). So that's one first - 60fps, another is handling more than one film camera at once, let alone three, and six cameras in total (Canon FTb, Diana F+, Mini Instax, GoPro, Canon 600d, iPhones) simultaneously in a trip in a foreign country where we walked an average of 20-something thousand steps per day! It was crazy! Four film rolls in three days, and footage for three videos, in three days. And by the way, I didn't just shoot a video per day. I was shooting 3 videos,  s i m u l t a n e o u s l y , for three days! Jeez lol.

Anyway, I think I just wanna share how I was able to do that. What helped, I believe was my decision to master certain cameras and lenses such as 50mm + Canon FTb, Canon 600d + 50mm/28mm, and point & shoot mastery care of mobile phones lol. Mastering something gives you confidence, even at times that things could get really confusing. It took preparation, I envisioned everything days before the Taiwan trip. That helped a lot. I knew exactly how the outputs would look like even before I shot them. So when I was shooting them, I had full confidence that they would all turn out fine. I trusted my preparation, muscle memory, at that point, and ability to just let things go and improvise, in case things don't go as planned. That way my mind was calm, and I was able to enjoy the trip with my friends. (They even thought I might not have shot enough for one video cause my cameras weren't out that much).

That's all I wanna share really, I'm still getting the hang of this blog thing, I don't know how much to share, and when I start getting boring lol! 

With that, may the analog forces be with you, and keep #rollingwiththehomies!